4RUNNA releases single “Johnny’s Interlude”

Port harcourt-born rapper, 4RUNNA, who is scheduled to drop his debut E.P sometime around 2nd quarter of this year, opens the year with a hard hitter tagged “johnny’s interlude”, seeing as his birth name is Johnny, it only comes naturally that the accompanying song is one of purpose, confidence and courage as the artiste has always pushed narratives along those lines. On this track, he clearly demonstrates why his songwriting and delivery come highly rated. The song reinforces the belief in his craft. The acoustic rendition allows him combine diverse elements over a mid-tempo beat to deliver a guns blazing rap performance.

“Johnny’s Interlude” is a hip-hop gem that expresses faith in oneself. Among other things, it is inspired by the experience one gathers by coaxing through life, worthy of mention also is the Kill Bill sample at the end which features one of the most iconic confrontational scenes in proper Quentin Tarantino fashion that further goes to point towards 4runna’s readiness to take on the world a track at a time he’s prepped to drop his debut E.P. 4RUNNA aims for a cataclysmic reverberation with this single, at least one that highlights the path his sound is currently at.


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