Interview: DEELA Talks ‘Done Deel’, Santi co-sign & Future Plans

Fresh off the release of her acclaimed debut mixtape ‘Done Deel’, REPLAY’s Ehinosen had a conversation with Deela about her influences, co-signs, formal education and her plans for the future.

So let’s start off with some Deela facts. What’s your government name?

It’s become a well known name now 😭 my name’s Adeola

Lol. I’m trying to hear it from the source. How did you come about your stage name DEELA, The wordplay is apparent but when did it hit you that this name was the one? And have you gone by other stage names?

I was actually given that nickname by a friend! We were out one night and she just stated calling me that and it stuck. Before that, I always went by my government name

Alright. Your project Done Deel drop a couple months ago, what has the reception been like and how does it feel to be Deela right now?

It’s been sooooo goooddd and I’m so happy about that because it was literally a year long plan and the work and distress that came with, it was actually a lot so I was so happy with how well it was received 🖤

Rnnn, I’m not gonna lie I’m so relaxed and more focused on uni work rn but if you asked me how it was to be me a month or two ago, I would say I’ve been on a high

Done Deel is sick. Perfect follow up to your 2020 EP. Talking shit is my jam and your style goes hard. About your style, your raps are gangstar, who are your musical influences?

Thank you 🥰🥰 talkin shit also my top 5 on the tape

I listen to a wide range of music and artists but I would say my major influences are Thug, Nicki Minaj, Future & Flo Milli. I grew up listening to Jay Z and Kanye West as well so that plays a part in what I write and how I deliver my lyrics

Top tier stuff. That explains all the double entendres. Uni is an important part of your life right now, “educated and crazy” is something I’ve heard you say a few times. What do you study at uni?

Uni takes up too much of my time tbh😂 I study Biomedical Sciences so it’s very content heavy so I always need to be on top of lectures and I hate catching up so I take it quite seriously

Very relatable. What’s your relationship with other naij artists like and how did the Santi cosign come about?

We all respect & love each other’s sound and when we’re together it’s alwayss a vibe! Honestly, the co-sign came as a shock to me😂 when he reposted BITCH BOI on his story t6lu sent it to me and we were just screaming and both in shock. Im am still flattered, to keep it means I’m doing something right

You’re def doing something right. How often are you in Nigeria?

Only during long holiday periods like Christmas/summer

Are there any Nigerian rappers you would like to work with?

Yesss so many. Maison2500 & Psycho YP kinda top my list rn. Feel like we could make something different

Oh snap. I never imagined a Deela × Maison collab, that would slap fo sure.

Bet you know how tough the rap game is and how difficult it could be making it to the mainstream as a rapper, so is Deela always going to be a rapper or you got some melodies up your sleeve?

Yeahh ofcourse I do, and I’ve got everything up my sleeve, you just wait. I did a little* singing thing on heart(interlude) and I’ve been tapping into that more as I’ve been writing new songs

Ah yes, Deela’s got heart.

Your spy alter ego, Agent Deela fascinates me. You know rappers and alter egos 🤞🏾. How did she come to being? Who is Agent Deela?

Hahaha yess, it’s essentiall!

I took inspiration from one of my fave TV shows, ‘Archer’ but I’m basically not a regular spy handling dangerous issues, I’m more like a no BS taking spy. I talk shit, I unload what in my mind and I use my lyrics to attack my opps 🤷🏾‍

Archer’s 💯 , Like Archer, spys get into all sorts of trouble. What’s the wildest thing that’s happened to Deela?

It was when Aweng Chuol said she was a massive fan of my music on her IG live. It was really crazy

What’s your go-to clothing/make up brand?

None at all

I shop anywhere, but I do shop a lot on dolls kill. And Nars is top tier.

What was the first song you recorded/put out? And where can we find it?

First song I put out was GATEAU on SoundCloud, it’s barely mixed but it’s the first solo song I wrote. It should be on my SoundCloud page, I didn’t advertise it as much, I was still skeptical & shy about coming out as a rapper

Ima hit up your soundcloud today. What album do you currently have in rotation?

Mostly new albums rn like Planet her, Donda, the melodic blue & muthaleficent. Barter 6 too.

We’ve come to the end of the interview. Its been peak getting to know you as an artist. What’s your vision for Deela in the next year?

Awn thank you! 🥰🥰 for the next year I imagine myself performing more and expect more collaborations for sure. Coming in with all the force

Listen to Deela on REPLAY’s DSCVR Playlist here

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