Lagos, Nigeria Singer/Songwriter, Pekeys Manifests Change With EP,“ENUMO”

Photo by Micheal Sope Johnson

Following the release of “Record”, Lagos, Nigeria singer/songwriter, Pekeys (Peremobowei Pimeh) delivers a 5-track EP titled, “ENUMO”, meaning ‘five’ in Ga—the Ghanaian dialect of his late mother. The number five is referred to as the number of humanity, signifying change, curiosity, and freedom.

Pekeys joined forces with Nigerian producers, Potter, Dr. Bean, and ID Noble to create music that reflects his versatility, highlighting his distinctive Afrocraft sound, which fuses Afrobeat, R&B, Reggae, and Highlife soundscapes. Each song helps to tell the story of Pekeys setting himself free from the restraints that were once preventing him from prospering: failed relationships, envy, disloyal friends, and setbacks in his music career. “ENUMO” is Pekeys’ breakthrough. Reflecting on the project, Pekeys explains, “ENUMO was created to release me from all the no’s and to exercise my craft. I feel the EP is going to make a global impact because it has different genres within it. “Sky Lord” is an alternative acappella song showing the quality of music without instrumental. Then we have “Night Cry”, an R&B Hip-Hop song infused with some soul. “Banku” has upbeat percussion with touches of Afrobeat. “Lost Angel” is a mid-tempo Dancehall song and “Trade” has the touch of Reggae and Hip-Hop—friendly sounds and messages for everyone who values and respects good music.”

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