Interview: Ariet Honest, Where Fashion and Music Meet

full Styling-Scumstyl3s. /photographedbyeno

Early 2018, still a fresh graduate to beat the boredom and unemployment I mingled, online and offline. There’s this reoccurring joke that our phones are spying on us. While rolling with a particular group of people somewhere in Southern Nigeria I overhead conversations and also got suggestions on my own Instagram feed about a Ari3t. Her Instagram feed is gives you the same vibe her fit pics give – a lot is going on but it’s coordinated, like my Ep, Organized chaos. I reached out to the enigma and she fortunately agreed to an impromptu interview.

Hello so what’s your name and what do you do?

Ariet Honest I’m an artist




Great so how did you get into music?

Well I graduated university 2017 went to Nysc camp then went to Bayelsa after. I was hanging with my friends one day and they play a song and I’m like who that? Kranium? They said nah that’s Kevo pointing to some nerdy dude in glasses. I walked up to him and said “Yo I heard your music I’m a fan.” At that point most of my homies was into music and I was clueless on what to do with life. The next few days something in me was sure I didn’t love music just to listen to it. My mental was a mess so I was already always writing and yunno people don’t read. I told my homies I wanna start making music and that was it.

Outfit: Rooomxix./ Photography: _tomi_s

That’s raw, so your sound is very distinct…

Oh, rock music.

Love that, what musicians could you say influenced your sound ?

I’m still tryna get with my sound . None really because I sound far from my favorite musicians, Drake, Chris Brown, 6lack and so on.

Hmm so let’s talk about Fashion, how would you describe your style?

I don’t. It describes me. It an extension of my thoughts.

I feel that, so when you wake up in the morning how do decide what to wear?

I want to lie and say it comes to me in a dream Laughs, But somehow I just see it. And there’s this weird thing with me once I create an outfit I forget how to recreate it.

Say I’m shooting, and I create a look but we don’t have enough time to shoot it that day… the next day I can’t recreate it, even if I do, I cringe. The next time I look at the shirt, pants etc I see a whole new fit.

But it’s deeper than just clothing

Clothes are art.

Full outfit:

100 percent agree.

The art of fashion is over looked by regulars.

Does your music give you this feeling too?

No, hmm, now I think of it, creating music has been harder. With clothes I wear them. Style them myself, music is a different ball game.

Music is me showing off politely. My scars and shit, My heart and feelings in a way none of my photos could ever show or tell. With music I’m not on a high horse, you listen and it’s sad and you know just like you and everyone else I’ve had my down days.

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