Unwrapped: WCW Edition

We are excited to share our Unwrapped WCW focus artist for this week “Preyé Itams”. We focus on a growing artist who is not afraid to express and share her heartbreak experiences, courage, and the slices of happiness life has gifted. We are constantly exploring new ways to bring short and captivating articles which goes beyond the music, taking deep dive into the artist’s creative process and heavy messages passed across to listeners.

After her stellar official debut in 2016, Abuja based singer Preyé Itams went underground which is a fairly common response to the sudden attention artists get when they transition from hopeful to a sterling artist. A year later (2017), Preyé released new single which ushers in a new sound and more soul than we’ve seen from her in a while. She teams up with one of the best in the business, singer/producer Tay Iwar to produce the single, “Pieces Of Me” and his afrobeat influenced Jazz swirled endlessly to the neo-soul anthem. This exemplification of her is a little world-weary, and that weariness tinges every note as she laments, part accusations and taunts the subject of the song, a runaway lover.

Preyé has become our self-prescribed poster child for realizing your worth and walking away from toxic love and relationships. From singles like “Cookies”, a neo-soul R&B post-break up song which literally screams Fuck You, I’m the Shit and sets the tone for “SPACE”, a collaboration with a familiar artist, Tay Iwar and Santi on needing space from your lover.

In her latest single “Love Fumes”, which follows in the same trend; Preyé raps and sings about leaving a Casanova. In the music video, directed by Atide Studios, she is first seen arguing with her lover played by Deime Inn on seeing messages from another woman on his phone. However, this anger quickly diffuses as she realizes her worth, and unapologetically leaves her toxic lover who searches frantically for her in an amusement park.

Now 2021, we await the release of her upcoming single titled ‘‘Please Don’t Make Me Cry’’ a cover track by Lianne La Havas; she passionately brings the song to life and reignites a nostalgic feeling of love .

She stopped by Atide Studios to perform one of the song that got her through 2020. Enjoy!

Written by Kolapo Akande

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