Unwrapped: MCM Edition

We are excited to share our Unwrapped MCM focus artist for this week “Tau Benah”. This week’s focus reflects the journey of an artist through phases, places and transitioning sounds. We are constantly exploring new ways to bring insightful shortstop articles regarding artists who are soul purging, finding new beginnings and use of vivid lyricism to pass heavy messages across to listeners.



It has been more than two years since the release of ‘Young Woman’. Tau Benah had just enough time in the sun to be charged with enough energy to release another body of work, a breath of fresh air he’s been enjoying which he molds into words on the seven-tracker, Better Late.

He lets the dust his absence brought about, settle, by easing us into the EP with a DAP The Contract feature on an Intro packed with provoking thought, soul purge, and undeniable growth from the artist. Every track is succinct enough to leave his listeners with high expectations for what is yet to come and a verset of his inspiration.

“Devil on my shoulders, I don’t pay no mind”

This metaphor is just enough indication that though ill-mannered in approach, Better Late is heavy with meaning.

Best Things In Life is an honest look into Benah’s current situation and the accompaniment of synth keys gives it that ring ring.

Written by Kolapo Akande

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