Diary of a mad Nigerian Woman – sparks

Diary of a mad Nigerian Woman – sparks

After months of obsessing over us

we finally kissed

It didn’t feel like I wanted it to feel

I thought there would be sparks flying in the air and butterflies doing their thing in my tummy, but maybe after the bomb he dropped I couldn’t feel anything. I was numb

“Give me back my mask!” I said leaning back into my seat

“Why do you keep asking for it? Are you disgusted by my presence?”

“No, I’m just embarrassed, why did it take you so long to tell me all this? That you couldn’t be with me because your people are looking for a bride for you?”

“There is nothing wrong in telling me this 7 months ago”

“I needed to summon the courage to tell you”

“And it took you 7 months? To tell me this? I bet you knew from the beginning that this couldn’t work out” I blurted

“Well I used to make fun of men that had to follow what their parents want them to do but its politics, I am already old enough to get married”

I laughed, because I had had this conversation in my head, in fact I wanted to add it to one of my stories but I just wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth and it is still too bitter to digest.

“So what next? We can’t continue talking since you are about to get a bride”

“come on don’t say that, we can still see each other”

The song playing on the radio made me more emotional.

Pushing a dagger in my heart even further, I could have sworn the radio operators were out to get me by purposely playing Driver’s license at this moment. As I fought the tears in my eyes I couldn’t help but say

“Change the station”


“These songs aren’t helping”

“But I love this station”

“I don’t care, it’s really not helping me right now”

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