It is no news street wear has become popular over the recent years and the price keeps going up. It’s being worn as regular daily clothes and also being styled for events. Ideally people shouldn’t spend more than a few bucks on a t-shirt right? But that hasn’t been the case as they keep spending thousands on tees and sneakers. Why are they spending this much on casual clothing or even why are the brands even pricing them so highly?

One reason has definitely been the Celebrities and the hip hop culture, ‘if my idol is wearing that then I want to look them’ – It’s usually not about how the clothes make them look but how it makes them feel.

Davido in Ashluxe

People are paying for the brand name: Most street wear brands just slam their logos on their clothes and that’s about it. But people are still comfortable paying highly for it because they want to associate with premium and luxury.

Limited releases: The collections are usually small hence the higher demand for it. Like everything else; the higher the demand, the higher the price.

Self-expression: Street wear is a way to express yourself through your outfits and actually stand out from the pack without doing too much. It usually looks effortless and still chic at the same time and of course you shouldn’t mind paying extra for that.

Resale market: Yes it’s actually a very successful market.

Meet Benjamin Kickz who became a millionaire by reselling sneakers.

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